We do not “create” activities for our visitors. We offer the opportunity to take part in daily chores of villagers lives to experience living in a remote western province village, first-hand.

The river being the main connection to the outside world, our village life is strongly connected to the river. Travel the river on a local catamaran, dug out of a tree trunk with an outrigger that will keep the balance even if you are a novice to paddling a boat.

Outrigger boat Catamaran carved out of tree trunk

Accompany a villager or a bunch of kids, to catch your fish-dinner.

Accompany the villagers to their home gardens to experience daily chores in planting, harvesting and multitude of other chores depending on the season.

Accompany a hunter in to the bush to see some of the wildlife that occur around our village.

A man holding up a Cuscus, similar to possum

You might get to learn how sago is extracted from the sago palms, which is a lengthy process that needs good skills. Sago flat-bread and pork are a delicacy in the province.

Be a part of our village population and experience simple living, close to nature.